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cinematic robotic arm   

ANGLERBOT (n.): An affordable, production friendly robot used for precision and unique high-speed camera moves.

replicable & repeatable for precise moves

ideal for complex vfx and stop motion

fast speed ideal for dynamic slo-mo

touch collaboration to give operators the ability to program hands-on alongside the tech

compact ability to shoot in cramped locations

exact shot timing from seconds to hours

for time-strict commercials & time-lapses

collision detection  for on set safety

exact target tracking

pre-program & save moves for speed on set

price competitive



unique moves that will set your project apart


We are a pop and daughter run business.

He's an ex rocket-scientist. She's a director.

The beauty of filmmaking: TECHNICAL meets CREATIVE.

This is why we're able to beat any other price in the niche robot market

and offer more personal on set and prep services.


make your days faster & your production value rocket


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Take the money you would usually spend on a steadicam or jib and spend it on this. Trust me. It's better.

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Los Angeles, CA, USA



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